Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Laurentiu Sarbu

Laurentiu Sarbu was born on April the 29th, 1936 (Constanta) and died in 2000 (Bucharest).
He was also an animation filmmaker and worked for the Animafilm studio.  

Prizes: Teheran (1973), Krakow (1973) for the movie Puiul, Odense (1977) for Clopoţelul de argint. ACIN Awards 1977 (Fereastra) and 1981 (Balaurul).

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dana Schobel-Roman portrait of an artist

"I have been in dialogue with children's literature for many years now, a genre which I consider very seriously. Every book I illustrated meant for me a challenge, a unique experience, as a writer cannot repeat his inner self from one page to another. How do I approach this literature? Where the text does not call me there is no pleasure in me to illustrate at all, so I refrain from it as I would from half measures."

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dana Schobel-Roman - Illustrations for Strada Sabiei De Lemn

Dana Schobel-Roman - Black and White

Dana Schobel-Roman - Melinda papusa fermecata illustrations

Dana Schobel-Roman - illustrations for Dutu si Lucu

Dana Schobel-Roman - illustrations for Caleidoscop

Dana Schobel-Roman - Illustrations for Ali-Baba magazine

Dana Schobel-Roman - Illustrations for Bagheta Magica

Dana Schobel-Roman - Illustrations for Am visat un cal cu stea

Dana Schobel-Roman - Illustrations for Bagheta Magica

Dana Schobel-Roman - Illustrations for Cand adoarme o buburuza

Dana Schobel-Roman - Illustrations for Calatoria lui Radu in lumea costumelor

Dana Schobel Roman - Magazinul fermecat

Dana Scobel Roman - Bun venit Ioana Merisor illustrations

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Florin Noël

Florin Noël  aka Roni Noel was born on the 20th of November 1912, in Vaslui and died in 1984. He graduated  the Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest, in 1935, in Camil Ressu professor's class. He was Head of works at the Institute of Fine Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu", in  Bucharest  between 1950-1956.
I think Roni Noel 's whimsical style and fine water colors are best represented in the fairy tale "Doi feti cu stea in frunte". With just a few simple strokes he endowed his characters with a variety of feelings: curiosity, anger, impatience, sorrow, shrewdness, goodness, purity or evilness. I read this story so many times as a child, I could never get enough of the drawings.

Roni Noel - Doi feti cu stea in frunte illustrations

Roni Noel - Puiul illustrations

Roni Noel - Paunasul codrilor

Roni Noel - Hanu-Ancutei illustrations

Roni Noel - Danila Prepeleac illustrations

Roni Noel - Harap Alb illustrations

Roni Noel - Dumbrava minunata illustrations


Roni Noel - Sfirleaza cu fofeaza illustration

Roni Noel - Fram ursul polar illustrations

Roni Noel - Pierre Charbonnier

Roni Noel - Minunatele Fapte Eroice Ale Unor Copii

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